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About Dustin Chapman

A Life Steeped in Sound and Obstacles

There are many people in this world who find music therapeutic, Dustin Chapman is certainly one of those individuals. Possessing a passion for music from a young age, Chapman fell in love with the sounds of Brooks & Dunn, Brad Paisley, and more, but didn't realize just how vital music was to his individuality until life threw him the ultimate curveball. During the young singer's senior year of high school, Chapman began experiencing issues due to a rare disease, Achalasia. This disease, which has left Chapman unable to swallow solid foods, helped Chapman discover the power music possesses—the power it has to restore brokenness, encourage hopefulness, and breathe life into the lifeless. During Chapman's trials with sickness, he’d sing. When he felt anxious about an upcoming test or procedure, he’d sing. He discovered that music had the ability to give him words when he felt as if there was nothing to say, and this is when he decided to pursue a career in music. After making this decision, he allowed himself to enter a place of vulnerability that would allow audience members to do the same. Chapman broke down emotional barriers and began showcasing music’s abilities to help him overcome, music’s abilities to help so many others overcome, and what he truly hopes people see is that there is a beauty and power that music possesses that can help them overcome as well. With that in mind, Chapman write songs that balance various subjects, songs that express heartbreak and frustration, highlight joy and happiness, and tackle serious topics with feel-good melodies which ultimately showcase that there’s reason to search for ways to achieve prosperity through hardships. Though young, Chapman has experienced numerous hardships which he is holding close and carrying with him far and wide to show the world that individuals set their own obstacles and that everyone has the power to achieve anything they set our mind to.

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Recently signed by BrioLIVE Entertainment, Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh Madison, now known as kindred., are a unique uncle-niece musical duo from Whiteville, North Carolina. As two young singers with what they call “old souls,”they both incorporate traditional and contemporary country and gospel into their sound. This has helped them create an instant identity among listeners of all ages. 

Using their talents to uplift others, these two travel all around the Southeast, singing at some of the notable events around, including the Carolina Country Music Festival and the Carolina Country Music Awards. Chapman is an established singer/songwriter, and is the reigning Carolina Country Music Awards’ “Entertainer of the Year.” Moreover, Chapman has been awarded several songwriting awards from the World Songwriting Awards and the International Singer-Songwriters Association Awards, including 2020 Male Single of the Year for his song “Plus One.”  The Catawba College graduate was also selected to be a contestant on season 19 of American Idol. 


Ryleigh has wowed many with her powerful vocals and the outstanding way she fully connects to each lyric in a song, making each listener believe the power behind what she is singing. The South Columbus High School student was a semi-finalist on the historic 20th season of American Idol, which is currently airing on ABC Network. 


These up-and-coming country singers have both been receiving great attention following the release of their single, “Family Thing.” This song has impacted the Positive Country Radio format, where it spent four weeks at #1 on the CDX Nashville Positive Country/Southern Gospel Charts. It was also featured on CMT Network’s Website and has been featured on several other country music networks.

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'

Erma Bombeck





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